HYDRATE – All rides must have water bottle and towel to ride, trust us you’ll need both

If I miss my class, can I take another class within the same day and not be charged?

If you call CC Studio to cancel your class 30 minutes prior to the start of the class, we will allow you to take another class within the same day for no charge!
However, if you “no show” or if it is within 30 minutes of the start time, you will lose the class you were signed up for.


What is the cancellation policy?

We have a 4 hour cancellation policy. Please cancel within the 4 hours to avoid paying for a class you did not attend. There is a three-strike policy for Monthly and Yearly unlimited package holders. If you miss more than three classes without canceling by 6pm the night before your scheduled class, you will be charged a $15 missed class fee. This fee will be charged for each subsequent missed class that is not cancelled in the appropriate time frame.


What happens if I am late to cycling class?

When a CCS class begins, if you are not present at the studio, your bike will be given to a waiting customer. If there are no waiting customers and you arrive after the class, you will not be able to enter until after the warm up song. Under all circumstances, there will be NO ADMITTANCE to class after 5 minutes for your safety and to prevent disruption to riders.


I have taken a few indoor cycling classes, but found the bike too uncomfortable to enjoy the benefits. Maybe it’s not for me?

Okay, we hear this sometimes and we don’t want you giving up so easily! For some riders new to indoor cycling, the seat and positioning on the bike takes getting used to. With a few classes under your belt, with proper form while riding, and with appropriate resistance on the flywheel, you will adjust in no time- and get hooked


What is the minimum age for Spinning Class participant?

Each official Spinning facility will have its own policy on age requirements, but here is some information that should be useful in making decisions about age-appropriateness.
Size: Proper bike fit is very important for injury prevention. The rider must have the proper seat height and fore/arm adjustments. Generally speaking, Spinner bikes are manufactured for riders who are least 4’11’. But this is not an exact minimum height because leg and torso are the determining factors.

Age/Maturity: If kids are going to ride, they need to be mature and responsible and follow the safety rules. If can sometimes be tempting for kids to pedal as fast as they can, and unsafe. Because the rider is a fixed gear bike, the weight of the flywheel can turn the speed very high with a lot of momentum if there’s not enough resistance.

Youth fitness guidelines for resistance training: Pre-pubescent children should not “climb on the Spinner bike with a lot of heavy resistance on the flywheel. Youth fitness guidelines advise against resistance training for kids whose growth plates are still forming.


How is taking a Spinning Class different than just riding a stationary bike?

Spinning Class makes riding a stationary more fun by adding variety and visualization workout. A motivating group setting, energizing music and inspiring instructors make the Spinning class incredible experience.


What type of gear do I need to participate in Spinning class?

Comfortable workout attire is all you need to get started. But the right gear can make a ride better. Padded cycling shorts and moisture-wicking tops will make your ride more comfortable and heart rate monitor will help you get the most form every workout.


I’ve never taken a Spinning class before, what should I expect?

Every class is a little different, but one of the great things about the Spinning program is that you can adaptable to your fitness level. Remember that there’s no competition. Listen to your body and the resistance on your bike accordingly.

If you’re a first timer let your instructor know. He or she can make sure your bike is properly fit and give you a rundown on the Spinning program’s five core movements and program fundamental heart rate training that will help you burn more calories, increase your strength and improve your overall fitness.


Do I have to be in great shape to participate in Spinning Class?

Anyone can benefit from the Spinning program. And because you can go at your own pace by the resistance on your Spinner bike, taking Spinning classes is a great way to get fit.


What makes Spinning Class Different from other group exercise classes?

Top-notch instructors, invigorating music and visualization come together to make Spinning Class fun and effective. If you’ve ever left a group exercise class feeling frustrated, you’ll appreciate that are no complicated moves to learn with the Spinning program. Regardless of how fit, flexible or coordinated you are, you’ll get a great workout. Simply hop on your bike, set the resistance to the’s right for you, and let your instructor guide you through an incredible ride.


How many calories will I burn in a Spinning class, and what is the approximate equivalent distance in road miles traveled?

The number of calories you’ll burn depends on a number of factors, including your weight and the intensity at which you exercise. Research indicates that on average, participants burn about 400-800 calories in a 40-minute workout. The “distance” traveled depends on cadence; however as an estimate an average 40 minute class at a cadence of 80-110 rpm is equivalent to approximately 15-20 miles the road.


What benefits can I expect to get while Spinning?

- Weight Loss: Spinning burns calories at a thigh rate. One can easily burn 600-1,000 calories in 40-minute class. This makes Spinning highly effective for weight loss.

- Strength: Build core, legs, glutes and back strength

- Body Shaping: Get that toned butt, legs and tummy; melt flab and cellulite revealing toned muscle below

- Emotional benefits: De-stress! A Spin class produces a huge endorphin rush in the brain leaving you feeling refreshed, satisfied and accomplished.

- Heart health: This high intensity cardio activity improves overall health, keeps you young and reduces the risk for heart disease.

- Joint Health: Spinning is a high intensity and low impact workout. The circular motion of the pedals eliminates pounding on joints and lower back. It is a great way to get in shape without damaging your body.